Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"The Hollywood Ending"

I think I was about.. 14 when the Hills came out. At first (not going to lie) I was a little angry because I thought "why would they give a show to Lauren, she is so boring.. They should have given it to Kristen".. I was #TeamKristen in the Laguna Beach days.. for some odd reason. I remember getting into as time went on, to the point that The Hills became a part of my weekly routine Mondays at 10! Hahaha I remember reading an article writen about the Hills saying that young girls watch the show because they can't wait to grow up and live there lives like the Rich and Fabulous girls on the Hills do. And I guess that is totally true the drama, the boys, the parties, your career and just living an adult life.. things that girls like me couldn't (can't) wait to do. And I am so glad that for 5 years they showed Lauren working and living her life as an adult rather then giving Kristen a show to watch her party and cuss for half an hour! All in all I am glad that there was a TV show like the Hills that influenced girls to grow up and be independent and want to have a successful career.

I was basically almost in tears for over an hour last night watching the finale.. If you read my tweets lol you saw I was a mess.. as well as 90% of the rest of the females on my page! LOL ... I also REALLY wish Heidi was there! Poor thing!