Monday, December 21, 2009

RIP Brittany Murphy

One of the movies that made me who I am today. Brittany Murphy's character in this movie reminded me of a lot of people, and I knew from Clueless Murphy was an Amazing actress. When I think about it, she had the biggest career out of the cast after the movie.

I've watched Many of her movies... growing up in the 90's and even now. Watching Girl Interrupted or Don't say a word. She always played such fucked up characters and it was always so interesting to watch her. And when she got more famous when dating Ashton Kutcher and being in Just Married. I always thought she deserved the spot light because she really was and still is very talented. Was she a bad girl, did everyone see it coming? Who knows.. all I know is she should be remembered with dignity. Despite what the media may do (example Michael Jackson) it doesn't matter, she was not a role model she was an actress, and she Definitely played her part!

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